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Learn all about the Sami culture and livelihood. "


A day in Sami life


Did you know that reindeer are the only animals in the deer family where both the male and females have antlers? And that reindeer coats are made up of thousands of hollow hairs which provide excellent insulation in cold weather? In Njarka you can learn all about these fantastic animals and about the Sami culture and livelihood.

In the camp we show you the various activities that make up a day in Sami life, such as preparing reindeer skins. You can even try throwing a lasso!

The large octagonal tepee-like building Jarnge has a display of Sami hand crafts with drums, hand carved cups, and beautiful knives made according to Southern Sami traditions. You can take part in the Sami household and try lots of new things such as tasting candied angelica. Angelia plants grow by the stream and they are harvested and then dried. Angelica was very valuable 1000 years ago and it has been used by generations of Sami as a medicinal plant. Fire also plays a central part at the Sami camp. We boil coffee directly over the fire – and we willingly share our best tips on how to create the perfect campfire.

It is peaceful and relaxing in Njarka. You can try your luck at fishing in the lake, paddling Canadian kayaks or walking along forest trails or by the lakeside. Take a refreshing dip followed by a visit to our sauna which has beautiful views out over the lake.

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